Policy and Research - Youth Leadership

YACWA works to ensure young people are valued in society, and their wellbeing, interests and future are supported in decision-making and the community.

2020 Christmas Island ‘Youth Taking Charge’ Youth Summit Report

In November 2020, YACWA and MYAN WA travelled to Christmas Island to develop and deliver a two day youth summit for young people aged 12-25.

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2018: Submission to Lower the Federal Voting Age

As meaningful cultural, social and economic contributors to Australia, YACWA believes that young people aged 16 and 17 should be afforded the right to participate in Australian democracy.

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2017: Catalyst For Change Youth Summit Report

The report from the 2017 Catalyst Youth Summit is ready!

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2017: YACWA’s Oral Submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Administration and Management of the 2017 State General Election

Following the 2017 State Government election, YACWA provided an oral submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into its management and administration.

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