About YACWA Advisory Services

YACWA Advisory Services is the fee-for-service arm of our organisation. With over 40 years of experience working with young people and the sector that supports them, YACWA is ideally placed to help organisations with their youth related projects and programs. Our consulting work covers four main areas:

  • Strategic development. YACWA works with all levels of Government and not-for-profit organisations to help with youth planning and strategic development. We ensure that youth participation and co-design is front and centre of organisational frameworks, policies, plans and strategies.

  • Consultations and engagement. YACWA designs high quality youth and key stakeholder consultations and engagements. The work we can do in this space ranges from youth-friendly survey design to engagement workshops, interviews, journey mapping and more. We are highly skilled at supporting young people to co-design and co-deliver consultation and engagement with their peers.

  • Events and forums. YACWA works with organisations to design and deliver youth-focused events and forums, both for young people and the sector that supports them.

  • Training and skill development. YACWA has a suite of training modules and workshops we can deliver to equip people within your organisation with a range of skills that relate to youth participation and involvement in planning and decision making. We also have three workshops that we can run for young people that may be connected with your organisation.

YACWA also delivers bespoke pieces of work that may fall outside of these parameters. You can contact us to find out more information.


As leaders in the field of youth participation best practice, our work is supported by academic research, proven training and our extensive engagement with children and young people. YACWA strongly believes that young people are the experts in their own experiences, and we are dedicated to helping your organisation ensure young peoples’ equal access to participation in community decision-making processes.

YACWA’s unique offering is that as the peak non-government youth organisation in WA, we have an unparalleled connection to the youth and community sector, including all levels of Government, large not for profits, smaller issue specific organisations, recreation groups, educational institutions, and research bodies both metro-based and in the regions. As an advocacy organisation, YACWA has a deep understanding of the current issues impacting young people and the sector that supports them. We are able to bring all of this knowledge and networks into our fee for service work, which brings a significant value add to your organisation. 

In addition, YACWA’s fee for service work helps build a sustainable peak. For many organisations, knowing that the work they finance helps achieve the vision of a State that celebrates and engages young people in all aspects of the community, and helps strengthen the trust, cooperation, collaboration, professionalism and voice of the youth sector is important to them. 


“YACWA brought to the table an approach that championed young people to lead the engagement process. We were blown away by how successful this approach was, and the great young leaders discovered in the process.”

– Town of Victoria Park

“We’ve been raving about what a fabulous session it was… Great to have some really original content, beautifully crafted and presented. I have actually attended a few community meetings and heard people speak of some of the learnings from that night.”

– City of Cockburn

“[The STAY Board] has reviewed the draft Strategic Plan and supporting documents. They wanted to convey how pleased they were with the outcome. They felt that YACWA captured the essence of STAY magnificently and that as a group they felt really inspired from the document.” 

– Short Term Accommodation for Youth Geraldton (STAY)

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If you would like to enquire about our training or workshop, or how YACWA might be able to help you with your project, contact Lianda Gibson, Advisory Services Manager on 9227 5440 or lianda@yacwa.org.au.