2020: Young Carers and COVID-19 Report

As part of YACWA’s Covid-19 recovery response, we have collaborated with Carers WA & consulted with young carers to create a report centred on how their lives and responsibilities were impacted by the pandemic.

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2020: MYAN WA CaLD Youth Survey

The impact of COVID-19 on WA CaLD young people

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2020: YACWA COVID-19 Youth Survey

The YACWA Survey was created in order to allow YACWA to gain an insight of the current experiences and impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on young people in Western Australia. We utilised the survey to get a deeper look at these impacts so that they can inform our advocacy to Government and the youth sector’s efforts to support vulnerable young people.

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2017: Guidance for RMFs

YACWA is providing advice and guidance to Regional Managers Forums (RMFs) on engagement with the community services sector and engagement with young people.

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2017: WA Driver’s Licence Survey

A few months ago YACWA made a call out for young people to fill out an online survey to answer questions about their thoughts, challenges as well as suggestions on two very important matters – employment and obtaining a driver’s licence.

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2017: YACWA’s ‘State of the Youth Sector’ Forum Final Report

The State of the Youth Sector Forum (the Forum), held on 14 November 2017, had over 70 attendees in leadership positions across the youth sector from across the state. This report was compiled based on the feedback from all the Forum attendees.

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