Meet the team

Lianda - Advisory Services Manager

Lianda oversees YACWA’s Advisory Services and has over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering innovative consultations, strategic planning, project management and evaluation in the youth and community sector. Lianda’s experience spans working for and with not for profit or and a wide range of Government Departments, as well as managing her own consultancy company focused on the inclusion of children and young people in planning and decision making.

Matthew - Project Officer

Matthew is a young person and an active member of his local community. He focused his studies of Political Science and Anthropology on the experiences of marginalised groups, particularly LGBTIQA+ populations. Matthew's background is in university research and Union organising, where he had instilled within him the power of knowledge and the power of collective action, being inspired to use these skills to advocate for a more just and equitable society. Matthew is a passionate and experienced educator, having previously been a University teacher, and continuing to be a community dance teacher and workshop facilitator. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, reading sci fi, riding his bike and seeing friends.

Caitlin - Youth Consultant

Caitlin is an enthusiastic young person. Currently studying Behavioural Science, Social Justice, and Politics, they are dedicated to applying their knowledge and lived experience to help better the representation, inclusion, and empowerment of young people. They believe it is vital that young people are meaningfully included in the creation, implementation, and review of strategies, policies, and initiatives that impact them. They have experience on multiple councils and reference groups, such as YACWA's COVID-19 Steering Group, the Fremantle Youth Network, and as president of their university's LGBTQIA+ group. In their spare time, they enjoy dance, podcasts, and phone calls with their nan.

Jake - Youth Consultant

Jake is a young advocate, change maker, and storyteller. Humbled by the compassion received from mental health community advocates and enterprises during a time of distress, he has branched out into myriad youth spaces, using his natural empathy and curiosity to build meaningful connections with his peers. Jake has been involved in Youth Mental Health advocacy with the WA Association for Mental Health, brought passionate young people together to solve systemic issues with YACWA and the Mental Health Commission, and is empowering a generation of students to strive for career pathways that align with themselves with Purposeful, among other things. Reflecting on its value in his story, he is driven by the power of anecdotes and emotion, endeavoring to learn and share as much wisdom and experience as he can.

Emily - Youth Consultant

Emily is a proud and passionate youth advocate who is driven by a strong desire to contribute to meaningful change in the world. In her commitment to advocacy and activism, she actively engages with a diversity of communities to amplify and empower their voices. She has represented herself across numerous platforms in the youth, mental health and disability sectors, and strives to collaborate with stakeholders and communities to drive positive change. Emily has been involved with Women with Disabilities Australia, People with Disabilities WA, the Y WA, the WA Association for Mental Health and her local youth advisory group. Through her studies in Political Science, she strives to use her lived experience and expertise to empower and uplift marginalised communities through impactful policy and legislative changes

Matilda - Youth Consultant

Matilda is a young person driven to create safe, equal and inspiring experiences and opportunities for young people as an advocate. She is a passionate and active learner and is constantly looking to gain new perspectives, information and experiences so she can be a voice for change and for those that are not heard. She is currently in Year 12 but has been heavily involved with politics and non-profit organisations for some time. She has led and been a part of projects with over 14 charities, 4 leadership teams and is an active community member and volunteer