Our Team

Sandy (She/Her)

Chief Executive Officer

Curious. Compassionate. Purposeful.

Lianda (She/Her)

Business Development & Consultancy Manager

Passionate. Hippy. Environmentalist.

Gaurav (He/Him)

Corporate Services Manager

Philosopher. Logical. Compassionate.

Olivia (She/Her)

Programs and Regional Engagement Manager

Optimistic. Enthusiastic. Creative.

Ashara (She/Her)

Policy and Sector Engagement Manager

Inclusive. Curious. Fun

Stefaan (He/They)

Senior Policy & Advocacy Officer

Thoughtful. Inquisitive. Dedicated.

Bella (She/Her)

Youth Development Coordinator

Inquisitive. Compassionate. Purposeful.


Seat at the Table Youth Trainee

Love-driven. Tenacious. Dreamer

Raj (He/Him)

Grants Officer


Digital Communications & Events Officer

Warm. Adventurous. Go-getter.

Chey (She/Her)

Youth Pride Network Policy & Project Coordinator

Glamorous. Ambitious. Youthful.

Hannah (They/Them)

Youth Pride Network Project Support Officer

Passionate. Dedicated. Collaborative.

Mia (They/Them)

Youth Pride Network Aboriginal Project and Outreach Officer

Empathetic. Empowering. Humorous.


Midwest Regional Project Officer

Ambitious, Empowering and Reflective.


Great Southern Regional Project Officer

Compassionate. Humorous. Positive.

Fatema (She/Her)

MYAN WA Project Officer

Witty. Reflective. Observant.

Lorna (She/Her)

YEP Project Coordinator

Determined. Passionate. Inclusive.


YEP Project Support Officer

Passionate. Introspective. Creative.

Zoe (She/Her)

YEP Project Support Officer

Intentional. Kind. Driven.

Abuk (She/Her)

YEP Project Support Officer/Roads2Respect Peer Educator

Ambitious. Empathetic. Introspective.

Abbi (She/They)

YEP Project Support Officer

Considered. Grateful. Receptive.


YEP Project Support Officer

Bright. Witty. Kind.

Kushagra (He/Him)

Roads2Respect Peer Educator

Loving. Driven. Passionate

Matthew (He/Him)

Project Officer - Consultancy



Youth Consultant

Enthusiastic. Warm. Curious.


Youth Consultant

Inquisitive. Compassionate. Purposeful.

Jake (He/Him)

Youth Consultant

Authentic. Curious. Storyteller.


Youth Consultant

Living-Integrity. Confident. Proactive.

Sonya (She/Her)

Bookkeeper/Administration Officer

Caring. Passionate. Task-focused.