Our Team

Ross Wortham

Chief Executive Officer

Positive. ​Purposeful. Passionate.

Lianda Gibson

Project Manager

Passionate. Hippy. Environmentalist

Anania Tagaro

YEP Project Officer

Risk-taker. Innovative. Organised Chaos.

Sara Shengeb

MYANWA Project Support Officer (Part-time)

Determined. Ambitious. Diplomatic.

Tamkin Essa

MYANWA Project Support Officer (Part-time)

Curious. Passionate. Extrovert.

Guarav Singh

Finance and Administration Manager

Philosopher. Logical. Compassionate.

Mason Rothwell

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

Ready. Steady. Cook.

Stefaan Bruce-Truglio

Policy & Advocacy Officer


Katie Cameron

Manager of Member and Community Engagement

Openhearted. Authentic. Curious.

Lewis Price

YDAN Project Officer

Helpful. Dedicated. Enthusiastic.

Imara Mandred

MYAN WA Training Coordinator

Insightful. Determined. Dynamic.