Our Team

Ross Wortham

Chief Executive Officer

Positive. ​Purposeful. Passionate.

Lianda Gibson

Project Manager

Passionate. Hippy. Environmentalist

Guarav Singh

Finance and Administration Manager

Philosopher. Logical. Compassionate.

Mason Rothwell

Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer

Empathetic. Strategic. Plant-lover.

Stefaan Bruce-Truglio

Policy & Advocacy Officer

Thoughtful. Inquisitive. Dedicated.

Matthew Tomich

Member & Community Engagement Officer

Curious. Creative. Considered.

Lorna Graham-Geraghty

YEP Project Coordinator

Determined. Passionate. Inclusive.

Tamkin Essa

MYANWA Project Coordinator

Curious. Passionate. Extrovert.

Mika Bazeley

Project Officer

Ambitious. Artistic. Approachable.

Kai Schweizer

YEP Project Support Officer

Driven. Resilient. Queer.

Bridget Bathgate

YEP Project Support Officer

Sex positive. Creative. Rock climber.

Zinab Al Hilaly

MYAN WA Project Officer