Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To be a bold, trusted, go-to advocacy and systems shaping body for young people, the sector and communities that support them.

Our Vision

All young people are respected, valued and enabled to shape the world they live in.

Our Organisational Aspiration

To be an impactful and focused rights organisation by connecting and building the capability of young people, the sector and communities.

Our Values

  • Inclusivity, Courage, Curiosity, Connection

As we collectively navigate the complex landscape of youth advocacy, participation and engagement in Western Australia, we recognise the need for a well-defined and forward-thinking strategy to continue our mission of empowering young people. In recent years we have seen significant changes in the youth sector, escalating systemic barriers and ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to these changes and challenges, our organisation is committed to evolving and adapting to better serve young people and the communities that support them. Our strategic planning process has been comprehensive, inclusive, and reflective of our dedication to the cause.

Please see the full 2024-2029 Strategic Plan.