Our Board

YACWA is pleased to present our current Board Members, as of November 2023.

Sal Cleveray


Driven. Tenacious. Compassionate.

Sal is a questioner of systems, constantly fighting for those caught in structures that enforce the status quo. Using their background in psychology, Sal has worked in crisis accommodation, with the most marginalised and at-risk young people, as well as alongside child protection to reduce reporting rates and child removal. Sal's drive to ensure that the individual is at the centre of the conversation led to her completing a Master of Human Rights (with Distinction) in 2020, writing their dissertation on the experiences of trans and gender-diverse young people in historically oppressive systems. Retired from ultimate frisbee, Sal's life outside of work revolves around her two kids and wrangling their three cats.

Celeste Stephens

Vice Chairperson

Courageous. Compassionate. Calm.

Celeste is a firm believer in collective action and bringing people together to create radical change. Celeste isn't afraid to look outside the box to find solutions to wildly complex issues and encourages others to get involved and lead change efforts, amplifying the voices of those that need it most. Her work focuses on community development, advocacy and systems change while supporting the community services sector to improve outcomes for our most vulnerable. With a background in social policy, community development, youth work, fashion design, and health and wellbeing, Celeste brings a variety of skills learnt and honed from diverse sectors to this role. Currently employed at the Western Australian Council of Social Service as the PIlbara Manager, Celeste brings a regional lens to the work she undertakes and to the Board. Away from work, Celeste can be found spending quality time with her baby, experimenting crazy poses on her yoga mat, reading a good book, or learning Italian.

Clare Grealy


Open-minded. Learner. Positive.

Clare is always looking for ways to do things better, smarter, quicker, easier. She has worked in finance in the UK, Cameroon and Australia and is a Chartered Accountant by trade, but she’s not all about the numbers. While YACWA’s work is outside of her usual area of expertise, Clare sees the organisation as well aligned to her personal values and she’s excited to be able to use her skills in such an important sector. Outside of work, Clare loves travelling, eating great food, and the arts – basically all the good things life has to offer.

Katherine Browne

Ordinary Board Member

Curious. Passionate. Advocate.

Katherine is passionate about creating a better Western Australia for children and young people. With a background working in child protection and out-of-home care, her most recent and current roles have been working in policy and advocacy for children and young people's rights - working to create positive changes across our communities for children and young people. Katherine also loves scuba diving, our oceans, making music and a good ol' crafternoon!

Sharon Gough

Ordinary Board Member

Energetic. Innovative. Committed.

Sharon has an enthusiasm for change, advocacy and improving the way things work. Her work has focused heavily on program development, service design and advocacy in response to the needs of vulnerable young people. Sharon’s more recent work as the Program Manager at Indigo Junction relates to supporting young people and families experiencing homelessness. Sharon is a 2016 Churchill Fellow and was the recipient of YACWA’s Significant Contribution to Youth Work award in 2018. Sharon loves playing the guitar, folk music and the forest.

Naomi Blitz

Ordinary Board Member

Visionary. Diligent. Ambitious.

Naomi is an young active Jewish contributor in her community as well as in the multicultural space. Naomi has involved herself in her local YAC youth advisory committee (Stirling Youth Advocates) for the past 3 years. Naomi is also the Treasurer at her local town team (We Are Yokine). Naomi also has extensive experience as a project officer organising events across Perth. When she is not proactively supporting local causes she can be found hiking on top of a mountain or laughing at a comedy show. Naomi is committed to ensuring youth are valued in the community.

Arbie Pattiselanno (he/him)

Ordinary Board Member

Kind. Curious. Creative (and cheeky).

With an extensive background in Youth Work and Youth Development, Arbie is passionate and dedicated to serving and helping others. He’s never been one to shy away from asking the tough questions like “Why?” and “How does that benefit young people?” and gently challenges the way things are done to innovate improvement. He’s a passionate advocate for the rights of young people and a champion of youth leadership and youth consultation. Arbie brings a keen eye for quality youth work practice and a focus on process improvement to create positive outcomes for young people. Rarely seen inside a gym, Arbie is a digital tech tragic, an avid dog cuddler and can be often found immersed in the ocean, the bush, getting creatively involved in an art project or banging on a drum.

Jill Downard

Ordinary Board Member

Creative. Energetic. Caring.

Jill has spent her career leading organisations that create social impact. From West Africa to Canada, Jill has worked across the globe in a range of roles, within government, private sector and not for profit. Jill has over 15 years experience working in senior marketing and communication roles, with organisations including Youth Focus, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, St John Ambulance, Cancer Council, Amnesty International. Jill has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph in Canada, and a post-graduate diploma in Policy Studies from Murdoch University. Jill is passionate about elevating the voices of young people to shape the direction of policy in WA. As part of her role at Youth Focus, Jill works with young leaders across the state, from Albany to Meekatharra.

Jordan Wright

Jordan is an accomplished business graduate with a passion for enhancing youth representation in decision-making processes across various sectors. With a background in retail, hospitality, public sector, and tourism, he brings a wealth of experience to his role in local government. Jordan holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Tourism and Hospitality Management from ECU and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), solidifying his business acumen and leadership skills. As the youngest City of Wanneroo Councillor, he advocates for the needs of youth, tourism, and innovative practices, striving to foster a vibrant and inclusive community. His dedication to customer service and making a positive impact drives his commitment to empowering young voices and creating meaningful change at all levels of governance.

Sandy McKiernan


Curious. Compassionate. Purposeful.