2018: Submission to Lower the Federal Voting Age

As meaningful cultural, social and economic contributors to Australia, YACWA believes that young people aged 16 and 17 should be afforded the right to participate in Australian democracy.

At 16, young people can work full-time, live independently, pay tax, and engage in many of the same activities and decisions afforded to adults.

As active and contributing members of society, we believe young people should be involved in shaping the future of our nation. We want to reinvent our democracy to be more fair, more accessible, and value young people.

That’s why we’ve argued strongly in favour of the Lowering the Voting Age and Increasing Voter Participation Bill 2018 currently before the Australian Senate. The Bill aims to lower the non-compulsory voting age to 16, and enshrine young voices in decision-making in federal legislation.

You can find our submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters calling for change below.

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