2020 Christmas Island ‘Youth Taking Charge’ Youth Summit Report

In November 2020, YACWA and MYAN WA travelled to Christmas Island to develop and deliver a two day youth summit for young people aged 12-25.

The Summit was a chance for young people on the Island to learn about how to use advocacy to create change, to have their voices heard on the issues that affect them and to be empowered to be leaders in the community. It was attended by around 60 young people over two days of workshops on the 28th and 29th of November.
This report is a summation of the outcomes and learnings gathered over the course of the Summit. These are largely derived from feedback from the young people themselves, and so it is their voices that are the heart of this document. The document covers:

  • The background of the Youth Summit, and overview of the workshop program;
  • A summary of the key themes and issues highlighted by young people at the summit;
  • The solutions proposed by the young people, and the action needed to achieve these, and;
  • How this report will be used to advocate for change.

We aim to share this report with a variety of key stakeholders involved in the governance of the Island, as well as the broader community, with the aim of raising awareness of the issues and solutions proposed by the young people to promote meaningful action.

We would like to thank the young people who attended the Summit for their contribution to this document, especially the Christmas Island Youth Association who we will be working closely with to ensure the views expressed in the report are heard and addressed by decision makers.

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