WA Youth Awards

  • Event Date:

    Friday, October 25 2019

  • Event Location:

    State Theatre Centre
    174-176 William St
    Perth WA 6000

The WA Youth Awards were established in 1999 to recognise young Western Australians aged 12 to 25 years for their achievements and contributions to the community. The Awards also reward outstanding youth groups and organisations that serve and support the state’s young people.

On behalf of the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia, I am pleased to announce that the annual WA Youth Awards will be held on October 25th 2019.

This year marks the 21st year of the WA Youth Awards which have provided a platform to recognise our most amazing, inspirational and dedicated young people. These are young people committed to their community, helping others and thinking outside of the box.

We know that young people don’t often get recognised for the contributions that they make to the community, and our community often falls back into the stereotype that young people are disengaged and disinterested. This event, and the young people here that are recognised at it, prove that stereotype to be very, very wrong.


Ross Wortham

Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia