The Y WA Collective Action Award


  • Inclusivity and collaboration
  • Meaningful impact in their chosen area of work
  • Ongoing sustainability and impact

We know that young people are frequently driving change in our society. We also know that collaboration is often the genesis of great ideas.

This award celebrates a youth-led initiative driven by young people aged 10 – 25, collaborating and channeling their collective efforts to generate meaningful social impact.

Finalists will demonstrate a passion for making change in their community; a focus on inclusivity and collaboration in their practice; and an innovative approach to problem-solving and breaking down barriers.

This award is open to groups led and driven by young people aged 10 – 25, including those incubated within a school program, university, TAFE or similar education institution; within a Local Government; or a youth initiative or a youth group. This award is open to both formally organised, auspiced groups and informal collectives.

Proudly supported by The Y WA

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