Parkerville Children and Youth Care Creative Contribution Award


  • The nominee excels in their chosen discipline, including as an artist, a facilitator, a teacher or an arts worker
  • The nominee has made meaningful contributions to the cultural fabric of their community through their creative work
  • The nominee has used their creative to work to uplift, educate, or empower their peers and/or their community

Young people are at the forefront of creative movements globally. Be it a new wave of artistic expression, an innovative form of community arts or the intersection of creativity and activism, progress in the arts is frequently youth-centred and youth-led. The Creative Contribution Award celebrates those young people who are using creative and artistic practice to tell compelling stories, reflect the world and uplift their peers.

This award is open to artists, arts facilitators, art teachers and arts workers aged 10 – 25, working across any discipline, including community arts, visual arts, film, theatre, performance, dance, music, literature, community arts, media arts and interdisciplinary practice.