The Carers WA Milestone Award


  • The nominee has lived experience in a caring role or has been a vocal advocate for young carers.
  • The nominee has shown initiative in seeking help, self-motivation, or raising awareness to overcome obstacles, or has provided support to other young carers to overcome challenges or promote awareness.
  • The nominee has attained an educational, social, or wellbeing objective, or has assisted another young carer in achieving such a goal.

The Carers WA Milestone Award


This award recognises and honours the achievements of young people who have successfully pursued their personal goals while fulfilling caring duties or who have advocated for those occupying caring roles. A young carer is anyone under the age of 25 who has a family member or friend that they support with disability, chronic illness, mental health challenges, drug, or alcohol dependency or who is frail due age. Young carers, demonstrate exceptional tenacity, commitment, and brilliance in managing responsibilities beyond their years and overcoming challenges and disadvantages. It acknowledges their ability to achieve personal, educational, or health-related goals while providing care to their family or community members.

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