The Mission Australia Young Changemaker Award

Nominees may have:

  • Demonstrated a commitment to combat injustice and inequity
  • Demonstrated an impact on their community (geographic or demographic)
  • Worked to improve outcomes for vulnerable communities
  • Worked in consultation with relevant communities in their activism
  • Demonstrated courage, conviction and integrity in their advocacy

This new award celebrates those young people fighting against injustice, discrimination and inequality, working to create meaningful change in their local communities and the world they’re set to inherit. Whether it’s change in your local community, or set to shape the entire nation, we want to hear from you and celebrate young people’s achievements. 
From Black Lives Matter and the Marriage Equality campaign to School Strikes 4 Climate and the fight for refugee rights, young people are at the forefront of this current wave of boots on the ground activism, political campaigning and sophisticated social media advocacy.

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