What exactly is this funding?

The Youth Sector Grants Scheme operates as a devolved funding program supported by Lotterywest. Grants between $1,000 – $10,000  (from a pool of $340,000) are available for organisations and groups to build the capacity and help reduce vulnerability and disadvantage for young people in Western Australia.

The program is underpinned by the Western Australian government’s Beyond 2020 – WA Youth Action Plan focusing on capacity building and social support for traditionally under-represented groups, including but not limited to:

  • Young people with a disability
  • Young people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) communities
  • Young people in the regions/rural communities


How did this come about?

The introduction of YACWA’s Youth Sector Grants Scheme emerged as part of a sector-wide response to the issues facing young people in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Young people have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education and employment opportunities, alongside significant challenges to their overall health and wellbeing. Similarly, the youth services and organisations supporting young people have been forced to adapt their services, completely rethink models of service delivery and reinvent the way they operate.

YACWA has previously funded projects that build the capacity and resilience of organisations, collectives and community groups working with young people to rebuild and recover following the impacts of COVID-19 and more recently initiatives that will raise the voice and empower young Aboriginal people and young LGBTIQA+ people.

Operating as a devolved funding program through funding from Lotterywest, this Grants Scheme will enable YACWA to provide financial support to deepen youth engagement and improve mental health and wellbeing outcomes for young people (aged 10 – 25 years) in Western Australia, who may need it the most.


Is this funding delivered by YACWA or Lotterywest?

Both. Lotterywest has distributed this funding to YACWA as a devolved funding scheme focused on smaller grants, a common funding model for peak bodies. YACWA’s networks in the Western Australian youth sector allow us to deliver smaller pockets of funding in a more responsive way, with faster turnarounds and fewer application and reporting requirements.


Who does YACWA consider a young person?

For the purpose of this grant, a young person is aged 10 – 25 years.


Which organisations and groups will receive funding as a priority?

We recognise that experience with grant writing can be inaccessible to under-resourced collectives. We are committed to providing a program that offers inclusive and accessible participation. In particular, we prioritise applications that will lead to positive impact for traditionally under-represented groups including, but not limited to First Nations young peoples, culturally and linguistically diverse young people, young people with disability, LGBTIQA+ young people, regionally based young people, and the intersections across these.


How will applications for this grant be assessed?

Currently these grants are assessed at the end of each funding round by an assessment panel external to YACWA’s direct team of staff. This panel will be a composite of equal numbers of young people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, alongside a selection of long-term youth workers.

Grants will be evenly distributed and assessed by smaller subcommittee teams within the panel, with all shortlisted applications discussed at a larger panel-wide meeting. Applications which best align with the objectives of this grant program will be selected during this meeting.

Additional to the eligibility criteria, the assessment panel will  use a list of prioritisations to take into consideration the impact of the grant to the applicant’s proposal.


How quickly can I expect to receive funding?

There will be roughly a two-month turnaround for decisions on the grant program. Applications for the current funding close 16 June, with applicants notified of the grant outcome by the end of August.

Following this, grants will be distributed within ten (10) business days of YACWA receiving the applicant’s invoice. 


Why do I need to contact the Grants Officer for an Application Number?

Responding to community feedback, YACWA recognises the disproportionate administrative burden that applicants often face, even when applying for small grants.

By calling the Grants Officer you will have the opportunity to discuss the suitability of your proposal within the parameters of the current grant program before committing the time and resources to apply.


Does my application need attachments and letters of support?

Attachment and letters of support are not a requirement, but they reflect a strong level of planning in an application, and will generally aid the chances of receiving funding.


I can’t fit all the details of my project in the application form – how do I go about submitting?

The short answer text sections on the application form intentionally have a low word count to ensure that the key information about the project is being presented in a succinct way. Following the word count is part of correctly submitting your proposal.

If however, you have more lines to add to your budget than are available in the form, you can add this as a separate attachment when you submit your application. A lengthier budget template is included on the Grants web page under the heading ‘Additional Templates’, which you are welcome to use too.


For more information, visit the Grants page.



The Youth Sector Grants Scheme is supported by Lotterywest.

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