2022: 2022-23 State Budget Analysis

On Thursday the 12th of May 2022, the State Government released the 2022/23 Western Australian Budget (the State Budget). The State Budget outlines the:

• Confirmed State Government spending over the next 12 months;
• planned future spending over the next three financial years; and
• information on government performance, such as past spending and key performance indicators.

Each year, YACWA analyses the State Budget to determine where money is being spent and what impact it will have on the lives of young people and the effectiveness of the youth sector. This State Budget Analysis provides an overview of the State Government’s key investments as well as commentary and analysis on whether this spending aligns with the identified needs of young people and the youth sector.

YACWA published a media release on the State Budget on 12 May 2022.

Contributing Authors:

  • Stefaan Bruce-Truglio
  • Mason Rothwell
  • Marissa Cotter

Budget Breakdowns by Sector

2022-23 State Budget Analysis – Youth Justice

2022-23 State Budget Analysis – Mental Health & AOD

2022-23 State Budget Analysis – Housing & Homelessness

2022-23 State Budget Analysis – Child Protection & Safety

2022-23 State Budget Analysis – Regional & Remote

2022-23 State Budget Analysis – Other Initiatives

YACWA State Budget Media Release

YACWA 2022-23 State Budget Media Release


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