Suicide Prevention

YACWA was a partner in the Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy’s One Life Initiative. One of the activities of YACWA’s One Life Suicide Prevention project was the development of a toolkit for youth workers who are working with young people at risk of suicide 

Feedback from the youth sector has been that this toolkit has been very useful and practical for youth workers in their work with young people.

As part of One Life, YACWA facilitated Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) for people who work with and support young people. Between 2012-2014, YACWA trained and accredited 300 people in ASIST across Perth. Feedback from this training was overwhelmingly positive, with the majority of participants stating that they had significantly improved their confidence and skills in communicating with and supporting young people at risk of suicide.

“I will more confidently work with clients who have suicidal thoughts” (ASIST course participant, 2014)

“Now feel I am more equipped to help clients. I will definitely use what I have learnt in this course” (ASIST course participant, 2012)

Within the One Life project, YACWA coordinated numerous youth-led projects with young people and homelessness services across Perth. The aim of these projects was to facilitate youth-driven local action projects to identify young people’s barriers and solutions in relation to suicide prevention.

Engagement with young people is central to YACWA’s work and young people are actively involved in the design, development and implementation of YACWA projects. YACWA engaged with young people to develop their ideas around suicide prevention and to then build these ideas into a project.

YACWA has received further funding from the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention and will continue to work with and support partner agencies and young people, through a range of suicide prevention projects.