Youth Disability Advocacy Network

The Youth Disability Advocacy Network Inc (YDAN) is a youth network and an advocacy organisation in Western Australia that promotes the rights and inclusion of young people with disabilities aged 12 to 25. It is the leading voice in systemic advocacy for young people with disabilities.

It was first established in late 2015 with the hopes of providing a forgotten, ignored and underrepresented demographic of the disability sector in WA with an opportunity to be included and consulted.

YDAN aims to encourage young people with a disability in Western Australia to feel that their opinions are not only important, but wanted and will be listened to when policies are being developed that target their demographic.

It is governed by an Executive Committee, which endeavours to have representatives from all types of disability, as well as various ages and demographics of young people, as there is strength in diversity. The Executive Committee networks with other peak and sector organisations, such as YACWA, to ensure a voice for youth is always present in deliberations and decision making. It sets the strategic direction for YDAN and its activities and advocacy efforts.

YDAN always seeks opportunities to advance the interests of its members, through systemic advocacy and community events. It also secures opportunities to deliver knowledge and skill development through a variety of presentations, workshops, events and services that ultimately benefit the overall community, delivered by members employed for this purpose.

To obtain more information about the work of YDAN visit www.ydan.com.au.