Roofs for Youths


YACWA’s Roofs for Youth Program was developed in response to the challenges experienced by young people in securing private tenancy. Roofs for Youth is an education programme designed to support young people with getting and keeping a tenancy in the private market.

The one day training course will provide workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to train young people in the many aspects of living in private rental accommodation. This will also allow a worker toissue Roofs for Youth Certificates, endorsed by the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA). The Certificate indicates to a property manager that the young person has gained the requisite knowledge enabling them to be a successful tenant.

The content of the R4Y course is structured into six (6) sessions, further divided into separate topics. These sessions and topics represent the ideal sequence that key information and messages should be covered in the Roofs for Youth course.  The six sessions are as follows:

  • Session 1: Finding a Place
  • Session 2: Getting a Place
  • Session 3: Settling In
  • Session 4: Life Skills
  • Session 5: Moving Out
  • Session 6: When Things Go Wrong

Training occurs on an as needs basis. To express interest in the, course please email

The list of Roofs for Youth Competencies can be downloaded HERE