YDI Project Terms and Conditions

By applying for the Youth Digital Inclusion Project, your organisation agrees to the responsibilities outlined below.


If your organisation has young people approved for a device under the YDI Project, YACWA will organise pick up and delivery arrangements from 22 September to 9 October. Pick up arrangements will be made for metropolitan organisations and postage arrangements will be made for regional organisations. Please note that we cannot deliver devices to the addresses of individual young people, we can only deliver to the addresses of organisations.

Your organisation will be responsible for distributing the devices to the successful young people. YACWA cannot deliver phones to individual young people.

Providing support to young people

YACWA will provide educational resources to accompany the ICT devices. These resources will cover topics such as:

  • Device maintenance and warranty information
  • Cyber safety
  • Where to find free Wi-Fi and charging stations
  • How to manage data and which apps consume a lot of data

Your organisation will be responsible for giving these resources to the young people and supporting them to understand how to best use their devices.

Parent/guardian consent

If your organisation is applying for a young person under the age of 18, you will be asked in the application process about parent/guardian consent.

If you indicate that you believe it appropriate to obtain parent/guardian consent and that young person is approved to receive a device, then your organisation will be required to provide YACWA with evidence of this in writing. YACWA will provide project parent/guardian consent templates that you can use.


Once an ICT device has been given to the young person, then they will remain the property of that young person and do not need to be returned at the end of the project.

YACWA bears no responsibility for broken, damaged, stolen, or lost devices and these devices cannot be replaced. If a young person you are supporting finds themselves in this situation then you can contact YACWA and we will put them on a waitlist for a replacement device. If more devices become available during the project, we will contact you.

YACWA assumes no responsibility or liability for activities undertaken using the ICT devices including, but not limited to, websites visited, communications sent and received; and financial losses incurred.

If you are concerned about your own organisation’s liability, then YACWA can provide a waiver agreement that you can complete with the young people receiving the devices. This waiver agreement is optional and does not need to be provided to YACWA.

Warranty arrangements

Most devices will come with a minimum of six months warranty. Information will be provided to you organisations about how to make a claim under the warranty when they are delivered.


YACWA understands that community organisations that work with young people are time poor, however to maximise the success of the project, we will require your organisation to engage with the young people who have devices twice during the six-month duration of the project (likely at 4 and 12 weeks). This engagement will probably be via a short survey (which you can do verbally). We will also require you to submit final feedback to YACWA at the end to assist with our evaluation of the project.

We may also ask you to nominate a young person who you think would be willing and able to complete a more in-depth interview with YACWA about their experience of being part of this initiative. We would require someone from your organisation to support this interview.