A Framework for Young People’s Recovery from COVID-19 in Western Australia

This Framework provides guidance to the State Government on healing the hurt of the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilding a better Western Australia for young people. Developed in partnership with young people, we provide clear recommendations for policy and financial shifts ahead of the next State Budget and 2021 State Election.

This Framework was developed in August 2020, with the input of young people who have experienced significant and ongoing hardships resulting from COVID-19.  These include:

  • YACWA’s COVID-19 Youth Steering Group
  • The Youth Disability Advocacy Network
  • The Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network of WA
  • The Regional Youth Leadership Development Group
  • The Aboriginal Health Council of WA
  • The Youth Homelessness Advisory Council 
  • The Youth Pride Network

This document is one of the first in YACWA’s continuing advocacy around recovery. We will continue to build upon and refine our recovery efforts as the situation evolves and in partnership with young people.

COVID-19 Framework Page 1

Download YACWA’s COVID-19 Recovery Framework for Youth