The YEP Project



YACWA’s Youth Educating Peers (YEP) Project aims to support and educate young people on relationships, sexual health and blood-borne virus (SHBBV) issues. We do this by working in partnership with the WA youth sector and building the capacity of youth workers.

A key focus is on the use of peer education as a youth participation and health promotion strategy with young people with our group of volunteer peer educators, the YEP Crew.

The proposed outcomes of our project are:

  • Young people have increased sexual health and blood borne virus (BBV) information and education provided by their peers face-to-face in metropolitan Perth and online across WA.
  • Youth sector agencies and youth workers are confident and competent to address youth sexual health and BBV issues and deliver integrated peer education programs.
  • Promotion of socio-cultural norms and attitudes to youth sexual health and BBV issues through increased public awareness.

The YEP Project is funded by the Department of Health, WA (Sexual Health and Blood-Borne Virus Program) and is designed and delivered in partnership with a range of key stakeholders.

Capacity Building and Youth Sector Support:

Central to the YEP Project capacity building approach is working with the WA youth sector to develop strategies relevant to local context and need. Over three years of consultation with the sector we learned that youth workers are ideally placed to play a significant role in sexual health and blood borne virus (SHBBV) education and promotion, however they often lack the time, resources, confidence, knowledge, skills, management support, and supportive contexts necessary for improving youth SHBBV outcomes.

Our goal is to build youth sector capacity at the individual, organisational and community levels in relation to supporting and educating young people on sexual health and blood-borne virus (SHBBV) issues, including creating community contexts where young people feel safe, respected and valued as sexual beings.


The YEP Project delivers a number of capacity-building strategies to support the youth sector with the aim of increasing their SHBBV knowledge and skills. These include:

  • SkillsShare Workshops
  • Seminars and training courses on specific SHBBV issues
  • Updating the youth sector with relevant SHBBV information through the YSN email list
  • Individualised SHBBV support for youth sector agencies
  • Providing resources, tools and opportunities to connect with others working in youth sexual health on the YEP Youth Sexual Health Website:
  • The YEP Youth Sector Guidelines: a framework for planning and implementing SHBBV strategies in youth sector agencies.
  • Evaluation and research of our activities with the youth sector

The YEP Project also contributes to media and advocacy on issues that affect young people’s sexual health, and the health and community services they access.

Peer Education:

YEP Crew is a youth-led peer education program, which aims to make positive changes in regards to young people’s sexual health, relationships and blood-borne virus issues. YEP Crew’s vision is to contribute to reducing STI/BBV rates in young people in W.A. and to build positive peer cultures of safety, pleasure and respect.

YEP Crew provides education and outreach in community settings for young people in WA. This is either conducted face-to-face by peer educators, or online via positive sexual health messages on social media including Facebook and the YEP Website.

For more information on the project and to express interest in capacity building opportunities, please contact or call (08) 9227 5440

To get involved in YEP Crew, to have YEP Crew run a workshop with young people or attend an event you are running, please contact or call (08) 9227 5440

Find resources and sign up to youth sector network email alerts on the YEP Youth Sexual Health

View the full Youth Educating Peers Research Report for research findings about the value of peer based education to address sexual health and blood borne virus issues with young people:

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