The Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia (YACWA) is the peak non-government youth organisation in Western Australia. We operate primarily as a human rights organisation that seeks to address the exclusion of young people in a rapidly changing society.

Our vision for Western Australia is one that celebrates and engages young people in all aspects of the community. Our role is to strengthen the trust, cooperation, collaboration; professionalism and voice of the non-government youth service sector to better serve the young people of Western Australia.

YACWA aims to provide a united, independent and active advocate for the non-government youth sector and young people that is both supported and respected by the sector and the wider community. Focusing on young people’s varied needs at local, State and Federal Government level, YACWA works to engender and enhance positive community attitudes towards young people.

YACWA provides a voice and acts as a role model for the definition and demonstration of youth participation. Our work is governed by four guiding principles of respect, equity, integrity and the celebration of diversity.

Our Staff

Ross Wortham (CEO)
Lianda Gibson (Project Manager)
Carla Ormsby (Manager, Marketing & Events)
Sara Shengeb (MYANWA Project Support Officer – P/T)

Tamkin Essa (MYANWA Project Support Officer – P/T)
Kylie Hansen (Strategic Policy Specialist)
Josh Cunniffe (Senior Policy Officer)
Anania Tagaro (YEP Project Officer)
Guarav Singh (Finance and Administration Manager)


Our Board

Chairperson: Andrew Wenzel
Vice Chairperson: John Thomson
Treasurer: Nicki Morrisson
Board Members: Penny Webb (RISE Network), Sandra Spadanuda, Katie Liew, Katherine Browne,  Karina Chicote and Kelly Clark