fair.ground. 2023 Program Announced!

The fair.ground. 2023 Program is here! YACWA’s youth sector conference is just under a month away, so it’s about time we share a bit more about what’s to come…

The fair.ground. 2023 Program is here! YACWA’s youth sector conference is just under a month away, so it’s about time we share a bit more about what’s to come…

At Boola Bardip and other locations across Northbridge over June 8 and 9 fair.ground. will deliver opportunities to explore how youth work principles are being used in a huge variety of settings like education, the arts, health, justice and justice reinvestment, homelessness, disability and employment. We’re looking at youth work in regional and urban places, varied sites of cultural and religious community, online and face-to-face, which checks out since young people are everywhere!

The theme for YACWA’s seventh youth work conference is ‘Youth Work is Everywhere’, because it is! The fair.ground 2023 program presents thought-provoking speakers and ideas from across the country, to rejuvenate and reinvigorate those working with young people to help them tackle the sector’s biggest issues.


Jenna and James Harris, Dr Tim Corney and Sean Lappin are 2023’s Keynote Speakers, joining from across the country to share their insights on working for and with young people in advocacy, social policy, research, education, system reform and so much more. Sparking new conversations and expand the understanding of what youth work can be and do is the name of the game!

Touching on stories of policy, practice, discovery, transformation and impact from diverse presenters and contexts, the core principles of youth work are front and centre across our compelling program of presentations, panel sessions and activities.

Vibrant panel discussions will cover Education, Diversity and Youth Work in Schools; Creating a Trauma-Informed Sector; Justice System Reform, Social Reinvestment and Human Rights and Reconciliation WA leads a timely session on The Voice to Parliament Referendum.

Presentation streams include This Changes Everything, celebrating cool and current happenings shaping the future of youth work. Health and Wellbeing for Everyone gets into the enormous variety of work being done to support healthy lives for young people. And Perspectives from Everywhere explores youth work practices from all over the place, across many different contexts.

An excellent field of youth work practitioners applied to present their ideas and we are beyond excited to present such a varied and interesting array of current work in the field, alongside practice development sessions, to give delegates real world knowledge they can apply in their everyday work supporting young people through their challenges and triumphs.

fair.ground. 2023 will be an unmissable chance to connect with peers from diverse contexts across the state in inspirational spaces where youth sector workers can collectively ask questions and develop the system-wide solutions needed to enable better lives for young people.

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