Isabella Choate is WA Young Person of the Year 2023

The 24th WA Youth Awards, held on October 27, 2023, stood as a beacon of recognition for outstanding young individuals and their impactful contributions to the community. Among the celebrated awardees, Isabella Choate emerged as the winner of the prestigious WA Young Person of the Year Award, a testament to their remarkable dedication to advocacy and community service.

isabella WAYPOTY

Isabella Choate, a distinguished lived experience advocate, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment across youth, disability, mental ill-health, and LGBTIQA+ spheres. Passionate about celebrating intersectional community and amplifying the voices of young people, Isabella has pioneered initiatives to create opportunities and platforms for youth to have a meaningful impact.

One notable achievement is Isabella’s creation of a groundbreaking lived experience newsletter, dedicated to supporting young individuals in navigating and succeeding in lived experience roles. This initiative reflects their dedication to fostering growth and empowerment within the community.

Isabella Choate’s influence extends beyond this initiative, as they actively participate in various councils, including the CYDA Youth Council, the Victorian Department of Health Lived Experience Steering Group, and the NMHS Mental Health Advisory Council, where they serve as co-chair. Notably, Isabella is also contributing to the establishment of a lived experience leadership course with CoMHWA.

In their professional capacity at YDAN, Isabella continues to make a significant impact, dedicating their time to hosting accessible events that bring together members of the disability community, providing a space for unapologetic celebration of diversity and inclusion.

The 24th WA Youth Awards recognised Isabella Choate not only for their individual accomplishments but also for the profound and positive influence they have had on the lives of those they serve. The award serves as a testament to Isabella’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and empowered society for all.

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