Youth Educating about Waste

The Youth Educating about Waste (YEW) is a pilot peer-education project that aims to educate young people (aged 17 to 25) in making sustainable reductions to their waste, focusing on food, textiles and plastic materials.

Want to know how you can reduce your waste?

A cleaner planet starts with you, and YEW are here to show you how!

Our resources are for young people, made by young people for you to learn how you can reduce and better manage your textile, food and plastic waste. PLUS tips for how to get started and bring your mates on board with you!

Check out the links below to access our FREE online resources.

Our resources have been created with support and guidance from the Youth Disability Advocacy Network for better inclusion and accessibility of young people with disabilities.

Living in a Material World

Know how textiles are made, what they are made from and better ways you can source them to save the planet!

Changing our Food-Print

Learn how you can save your food through shopping and how to make use of what you already have!

Reuse to the Rescue

Know how to reduce or better manage your plastic, including how to make your own low-waste kit at home!

Low-Waste Mates

Tips for how you can start reducing your waste, and ways to bring your mates on board with you!

Meet the YEW team!

Through this period of isolation, our team of young people have been working incredibly hard to bring your their tips and tricks for how you can reduce your waste. Big thanks to Bash, Kay, Megan, & Shanae for all their hard work over the past few months!

Hi, I'm Bash (he/him)

In high school, I was essentially the recycling bin amongst my friends . I’d carry around my friends rubbish in my bag just so I could take it home and recycle or re-purpose it. My mum always taught me the importance of looking after the earth the way it looks after you. I’m always looking for ways to make small differences in my waste reduction journey, and it helps knowing that even just the littlest things can make a big impact!

Hi, I'm Kay (they/them)

Hey, I’m Kay! I’m biology major, passionate about environmental conservation and reducing waste through education. When I’m not sewing, you can find me looking for cool ducks at the park or tending to the 300 worms I have living on my balcony. Waste reduction is at the heart of everything I do, and I’m excited to brainstorm ideas with other young people on protecting our beautiful planet.

Hi, I'm Megan (she/her)

I have always thought about how I want to make an impactful impression with my life. Soon after leaving high school I watched a video about a woman who kept all her rubbish in a jar. Since then I have thought more about the waste I produce, and the waste produced by the people around me. I started with recycling my family's soft plastic, going through the recycling to make sure that all the cans and jars were cleaned and to make sure that the right items had gone into the correct bins. I use a crystal deodorant. I tried making my own toothpaste and failed. I forget to bring my shopping bags to do my groceries and end up carrying them piled high in my arms (also I refuse to spend 15 cents on a plastic bag). Despite this I became involved in the YEW project not because I am perfect at living a low waste lifestyle but because I'm interested in working towards one and working collaboratively with other people that do as well.

Hi, I'm Shanae (she/her)

Hello, I’m Shanae! I’m passionate about low-waste living, drinking tea and watching Disney films. I love getting creative with DIY projects and being self sufficient, and though sometimes my efforts don’t always pay off (I’m still learning how to use a sewing machine), I love trying new things and honing new skills! When I’m not watching Disney’s ‘Hercules’ for the 100th time, I am most likely collecting and picking up rubbish from both my friends and the earth. I am so excited to learn, share my experiences and take this waste reduction journey with you!

Who can I speak to about YEW?

If you want to hear more about the project or are experiencing issues with our website, please contact Project Coordinator Mika Bazeley at mika@yacwa.org.au.