Regional Youth Leadership Development

Regional Youth Leadership Development (RYLD) is a youth-led, volunteer-run, organisation delivering tailored workshops for regional young people on topics related to youth empowerment and leadership.

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RYLD also hosts online panel discussions about topics relevant to regional young people; as well as in-person events to support and connect regional people who are now living in Perth.

RYLD was formed by young people who grew up in regional WA. Their founders experienced firsthand the difference in access to development opportunities that exists between regional and metropolitan areas.

RYLD aims to remove as many of these barriers as possible. Their focus is on empowering young people in building both themselves and the community around them. This is achieved through the development of targeted workshops that are informed by community consultation. RYLD’s workshop are delivered at affordable and accessible price points. RYLD is founded on the belief that leadership is an attitude, not a title. RYLD encourages all young people to be leaders in their communities – big or small.