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C4 Crawley Youth Group

Location: Dalkeith

All ages

Cancer Helpline

Provides information and support to those with cancer and their friends and family

Location: Perth

All ages

Cannington Youth Centre

Provides drop in activities, school holiday programs, information, referrals, support advocacy for young people 12-17 years old. Youth workers available to discuss youth issues.

Location: Cannington

Ages 12 - 17 years

CanTeen WA

Supporting, developing and empowering young people living with cancer, by providing a high quality, Australia wide, peer support network. Encourages youth to share experiences, have fun, offer resources and promote understanding, well being and leadership.

Location: Nedlands

Ages 12 - 25 years

Career Information Centre

Career Information Centre offers Free! career guidance to anyone in the community.

Location: Perth

All ages

Carers WA – Young Carers program

Carers WA is a non-profit community based organisation. A “young carer” is a person under the age of 25 who helps support a member of their household who is experiencing a mental health challenge, disability, long term health condition (including a chronic condition or terminal illness), a substance dependency or who is frail aged. Are […]

Location: East Perth

Ages 8 - 25 years

Carnarvon Family Support Service Inc

This service provides healing, support, counselling and therapeutic responses to children, young people and their families affected by child sexual abuse, people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse and children and/or young people who are responsible for, or at risk of sexually abusing children.

Location: Carnarvon

All ages

Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation

The Carnarvon Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation(CMSAC) is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service(ACCHS). It was established in 1986 to provide health and medical services to the Aboriginal people of Carnarvon and the surrounding areas.

Location: Carnarvon

All ages

Catholic Migrant Centre

Counselling, workshops and recreational activities for refuge young people

Location: Perth

Ages 12 - 20 years

Catholic Youth Ministry

Location: Highgate

All ages