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Metropolitan/Peel Financial Counselling Services Rockingham

Assists individuals and families experiencing financial crisis to address their financial situation through the provision of counselling- advocacy- referral and the Hardship Utility Grant Scheme(HUGS).

Location: Rockingham

All ages

Fremantle Multicultural Centre Inc

Works with people who have been homeless and have been accommodated or supported by a specialist homelesness service. Clients receive support in their transition from homelessness into long term stable accommodation. Support is provided to access services including employment- health and financial management and to re-establish social networks.

Location: Fremantle

All ages

Sussex St Community Law Service

Young people are eligible for all services: welfare rights advocacy, civil and family legal advice and information. Tenancy advocacy, Disability Discrimination unit, Financial Counselling. We also have a disability advocacy service for individual in regio

Location: East Victoria Park

All ages

Hedland Financial Counselling Service

Location: South Hedland

All ages

Developmental Disability Council of WA

Providing a service for young people by working to ensure that young people with a developmental disability have the same opportunities as all young people to participate in the life of their community.

Location: West Perth

All ages

Metropolitan/Peel Financial Counselling Services Kwinana

Location: Kwinana

All ages

City of Cockburn Financial Counselling Service

All ages to 100 years

Fremantle Multicultural Centre

Being a not-for-profit organisation, the Fremantle Multicultural Centre relies on government grants to run its operations. We have a number of core programs that we run including crisis accommodation and mental health services, settlement support and employment and training programs, as well as a number of regular or occasional services (such as English and sewing […]

Location: Fremantle

All ages

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Location: Perth

All ages

Legal Aid Bunbury

Legal Aid provides low cost legal aid and advice.

Location: Bunbury

All ages