Music Feedback

Music Feedback is an innovative anti-stigma campaign that uses music and popular culture to promote youth mental health, encourage help seeking and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Music Feedback is funded and supported by the Mental Health Commission (WA). YACWA became a Music Feedback project partner in 2011 and has been the sole project delivery agency since 2013. YACWA has been funded to deliver and implement the Music Feedback project from 2014-2016.

The aim of Music Feedback is to encourage young people to talk about mental health and mental illness, and seek help early.

The key message that is reflected in all Music Feedback project activities is “Music talks about mental health. So can you.”

Young people aged 12-25 can engage in Music Feedback through:

  • Receiving CD/DVD packs
  • Viewing the Music Feedback YouTube channel
  • Taking part in workshops
  • Engaging with Music Feedback at events, including music and arts festivals, school leavers’ events, National Youth Week events and other youth events.

Working with partners is central to the Music Feedback project and YACWA works with a diverse range of community sector organisations in order to develop, promote, deliver and evaluate Music Feedback. These partnerships include work with a range of stakeholders and communities across Western Australia.

YACWA is contracted to undertake a number of key objectives for Music Feedback in 2013/2014 including to:

  • Facilitate youth multimedia training workshops;
  • Contract filmmakers to produce documentaries for the 2014 Music Feedback DVD;
  • Produce and press Music Feedback CDs/DVDs;
  • Identify and engage strategic partners; and
  • Coordinate, develop and upload new online content.

To support or participate in Music Feedback, contact 08 9227 5440 or email